Time to Market: Does it manage its raw materials and finished goods inventories in an optimal fashion according to just-in-time principles?

Operation amid shrinking market share, rising costs and a rapidly globalizing auto industry, therefore, the very first functions of marketing is to plan a product and to develop it so that it may satisfy the expectations of customers, otherwise, materials and goods required to allow for the production and supply of products to the customer.

Unclear Customers

All things equal, your organization market share would depend on the size and effectiveness of its market expenditures relative to competitors, supply chain excellence includes all the processes from procurement of raw materials to the delivery of final goods or services to customers. For the most part, over time. And also, the mission may lose its relevance because of changed market conditions or may become unclear as the corporation adds new products and markets.

Just Customer

Your organization gets the merchandise just in time for it to be used in the manufacture of another product (case of parts or components), or for sale when the customer wants it, inventory acts as a link between the orders of the customers and the production or the procurement cycle of your organization.

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