Time to Market: Does it manage its raw materials and finished goods inventories in an optimal fashion according to just-in-time principles?

An eventuality where your suppliers are unable to deliver you the required materials in a time-bound manner it may have a material adverse effect on your business operations and profitability, second, the natural maturation of the application of the underlying technology during successive cycles created greater functionality thus satisfying the needs of a larger percentage of customers for a longer period of time, correspondingly, all things equal, your organization market share would depend on the size and effectiveness of its market expenditures relative to competitors, supply chain excellence includes all the processes from procurement of raw materials to the delivery of final goods or services to customers.

Availability Sales

Served market share is its sales expressed as a percentage of the total sales to its served market—all of the buyers who are able and willing to buy the product, by having an accurate snapshot of your historical sales patterns, you are able to accurately project future revenue, sales and customers in order to keep you ahead of the market. To begin with, inventory control – inventory control deals with determination of optimal inventory level of raw material, components, parts, tools, finished goods and supplies to ensure their availability with minimum capital lock up.

Just Materials

Echoing real-world seasons would lead to more appropriate products deliveries that resonate with consumers wants and needs at that moment in time, materials should be moved from one supplier to the next according to a just-in-time schedule, consequently, devote the time required to manage your business. As well as the time to continue learning everything you can about the field.

Goods, materials may be stored in various warehouses situated at different places, bosc allows a manufacturer to react on time with the market and even shape the behavior of the market, particularly, after innovation has gained market acceptance, demand increases rapidly as first time buyers rush to enter the a market.

Long Customers

To ensure supply continuity, you built up safety inventories at all levels, from raw materials through to finished goods, also, integration enables your organization to increase its market share and leverage with suppliers and customers. As a result, on the basis of time, market has been classified into very short period, short period, long period and very long period.

-Current assets-an increase in sales due to increased in stock raw materials, work in progress and finished goods, manufacturers have warehouses filled with raw materials, component parts and finished goods to help fill orders. As an example, the lead times of a multi-echelon process, including shipping time, assembly time, and waiting time for raw materials must be explicitly modeled.

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