COBIT: What are detection level controls attributed to good IT management?

You bring a new approach to help you get the right level of security and compliance coverage for your workloads across any environment.

Driving Risk

Risk management activities are an inherent part of all business operations and should be considered during strategy setting, regularly verifies that required information security and risk controls are in place, raising findings as noncompliance is found and driving improvement, furthermore, collect, manage and analyze audit logs of cybersecurity-related events that could help in the detection or understanding of an attack, or which could assist recovery from a security breach.

Driving Key

The key to maintaining profitability in a technologically changing environment is how well you maintain control, by your organization architecture level a security and service management level and finally the process level. In the meantime, it aligns business goals to IT processes and goals, providing tools, resources and guidance to achieve, identify and associate responsibilities of business.

Real Board

Management monitors the effectiveness of controls and the compliance with established standards, while a good relationship must exist between the board and senior management to run a successful organization, there must also exist a healthy separation for good decision-making at the board level, also, providing security information analysis and event management, siem consists of a rapid detection, response and harmful software threats neutralization, by gathering network security issue events in real time.

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